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Rid your home or business of foul-smelling waste in your grease trap.

There are lots of things that shouldn’t go down the drain in your kitchen, and FOG—fats, oils, and grease—is one of them. This can clog your plumbing and leave your drains smelling pretty unpleasant, but sometimes FOG making its way into your drains is unavoidable. In these cases, a grease trap can help.

Grease Trap Services in Fredericksburg, Texas

A grease trap is a receptacle that catches FOG before it can enter the septic tank and cause problems there. But just like your septic tank, your grease trap requires regular cleaning to remove the built-up waste. When you need professionals to clean out your grease trap or provide other grease trap services, you can rely on our team at A-1 Septic Cleaning Service.

We are a septic company offering comprehensive services to the Fredericksburg, Texas community, and we count our grease trap services among them. We will handle your grease trap cleaning needs using our professional equipment and by paying attention to details. Our commitment to thoroughness means you can rest assured that we will get your grease trap back in good condition no matter how filthy it has become.

Grease traps are most common in restaurants and large businesses, but they can also be found in residential spaces. Whether you need grease trap services for your business or your home, we are prepared to handle the job.

Trust our licensed, insured team for the grease trap services you need. If you have questions for us or would like to request a quote, contact us today.

At A-1 Septic Cleaning Service, we are proud to provide grease trap services throughout Kerrville, Center Point, Comfort, Hunt, Harper, Mountain Home, Medina, Bandera, and Fredericksburg, Texas.