Factors That Influence Commercial Septic Pumping Timelines

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Factors That Influence Commercial Septic Pumping TimelinesIf you want to keep your business’ septic system functioning optimally, you’ll need to prioritize commercial septic pumping at the right intervals. Generally, the recommended intervals are about every three to five years; however, commercial septic needs vary with each business.

Given this dilemma, how do you know the optimal pumping frequency for your business? There are four key factors to consider, namely:

  • Tank Size. The capacity of your septic tank determines how much waste it can handle. Generally, a smaller tank will fill up quicker than a larger one. Consequently, your septic service provider may recommend shorter intervals between each commercial septic pumping if your tank is fairly small.
  • Volume of Solid Waste. The more solid waste your business generates, the quicker solids will accumulate in the tank. In a restaurant’s case, the high volumes of food waste, grease, and other solids it produces on a daily basis can quickly overwhelm its septic tank. This may require more frequent commercial septic pumping appointments.
  • Volume of Wastewater. If your business produces high volumes of wastewater daily, this liquid will move solids into the tank faster. Besides filling up the tank faster, the bacteria within the tank may have a harder time treating these solids effectively. As such, the pumping intervals should be much shorter.
  • Occupancy Patterns. The number of employees, customers, tenants, and visitors onsite daily impacts solid waste and wastewater volumes. Specifically, they’ll affect the tank volume during peak usage times. Using this info, a septic professional can help you determine the optimal commercial septic pumping frequency.

Evaluating these factors provides key data to determine the ideal commercial septic pumping frequency for your property’s unique usage. This prevents the expense of pumping more often than necessary, while also avoiding delaying too long and causing system issues.

For expert advice dialed into your business’ needs, consult our team of commercial septic specialists today. We’re happy to assess your system and usage patterns to recommend the optimal septic pumping timeline.