Get the Full Scoop: What is Septic Line Jetting?

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Do you feel like your drains are moving slower than normal? Or have you recently noticed gurgling sounds and bad smells around your septic tank? These are all indicators that your septic system may require servicing, specifically septic line jetting. Read on to learn exactly what this service entails and why it is a crucial maintenance task for the wellbeing of your septic system.

Get the Full Scoop: What is Septic Line Jetting?

What is Septic Line Jetting?

Septic line jetting uses targeted, high-powered streams of water to scour away stubborn blockages. To start, a professional septic technician will diagnose the system to pinpoint where the clog is occurring. Once the problematic area is located, the technician inserts a specialized hose into the septic line. This hydro-jetting hose unleashes strong bursts of pressurized water directly into the sludgy buildup. The pounding jets function like a mechanical snake, breaking up grease, waste, and other gunky accumulations. The goal is to disintegrate these buildups so they can be washed away for good.

Why Does My Septic System Need Line Jetting?

Some waste and residue naturally accumulate along septic line walls over time, even if you’re diligent about what you flush down your drains. Left unchecked, this buildup impedes proper flow, causes gurgling and foul odors, and can prompt septic backups or failures. Regular septic line jetting keeps your drains and septic system clear by removing blockages before they become big problems.

Is Septic Line Jetting Safe?

Yes, provided it’s done by an experienced professional. Reputable septic companies have the proper hydro-jetting equipment and expertise to perform this service safely and effectively. They regulate the water pressure to be powerful enough to scour your well-maintained pipes thoroughly, but still safe enough not to damage them. And since water is less abrasive than caustic chemical drain cleaners, septic line jetting is safe for the essential bacteria found in septic systems.