How to Identify Common Issues Leading to Septic Field Repair

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A septic field is an important part of any plumbing system that relies on a septic tank. Like any other system, it can require repairs over time.

How to Identify Common Issues Leading to Septic Field Repair

Watching for these signs that indicate the need for a septic field repair can help you act early to prevent more extensive damage over time.

  • Unusual Wetness in Your Yard. Septic field issues can lead to certain patches of your yard becoming waterlogged. Watch out for standing water in the drain field or patches of soggy soil that could indicate the need for septic field repair.
  • Foul Odors Outside. Certain smells can indicate septic system issues. They are often related to the septic field when found outdoors. Commonly, a familiar rotten egg smell is a sign that gases are escaping from the system.
  • Slow Drains in Your Home. Drains inside your home could drain slower than usual due to issues with your septic system. There may be clogs or tree root intrusions that require a closer look.
  • Sewage Backups. In more severe cases, you might even experience sewage backups. Blockages and septic tank overflow can cause serious health hazards when sewage enters your home.
  • Increased Plant Growth. Another side effect of septic field issues is that the leaks can act as fertilizer for plants. You might notice a particularly green patch on your lawn or other plants growing if this is the case with your septic field.

Have you noticed any of these signs? If so, give us a call to find out if you may need septic field repair. We’ll get to the bottom of the issue at hand and provide the services you need.