Why Septic Cleaning Is So Important

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A septic system is a waste treatment system that is not connected to any municipal sewage system. Instead, it separates solid and liquid waste in a tank, leaves solid sludge behind, and treats the wastewater by allowing it to percolate into the soil in a drain field. However, the septic tank doesn’t have any way to release solid waste safely, so sludge must be pumped out of the tank and disposed of by septic professionals.

Why Septic Cleaning Is So Important

Septic cleaning is essentially septic pumping on a larger scale. Instead of pumping only the sludge floating at the top of the septic tank, it involves removing all the water and sludge from the entire tank, allowing for a fresh start.

Here are a few reasons why septic cleaning is so important:

  • Prevents Backups – If your septic tank fills up with sludge and other waste, this could result in a sewage backup, meaning sewage will enter your home or business through its drains. This is a major health hazard and should be avoided at all costs. Septic cleaning empties out the tank and prevents this.
  • Protects Environment – If your septic system begins to overflow because you’ve neglected to schedule septic cleaning at the appropriate times, the sewage could seep into groundwater and cause all kinds of pollution. To protect the environment and your neighbors, remember to schedule septic cleaning.
  • Prevent Odors – If everything is working correctly in your septic system, you shouldn’t have any problems with foul odors. However, a full septic tank and the issues that it leads to could cause odors to make themselves known to you and those around your property.

Do what’s best for your system, the environment, and your community by scheduling septic cleaning with our team of experts.